The battle of the 2nd day the 23 lasted from early morning till near night --- Col. Hardin & 5 cos -- guarding a battery -- Mexicans giving back at all fronts -- an rode up & ordered us to advance -- ______ a Mexican battery only the artillery was in sight 300yd firing on you with grape shot & Hawkin said we'll take ______ battery as got within 200 yards a large body of Mexican infantry lay covered -- broken ground -- they fired deadly fire on us great many killed only 400 men & half a mile in advance -- give them blizza__ don't you see they fall at every crack -- all the 5 companies Illinoians -- Bissel Stood & fought till Bissel 2nd Ills & McKee Col & Clay lieut Col of the 2nd Kentuck came up -- Santa Anna to the Mexican charge --

Not more than 2000 when McKee & B. came up -- 12 or 15000 Mex had arrived & order from Taylor to retreat -- then could touch them with arm g___ retreated down a ravine -- they were on both flanks firing right down -- McKee & C. killed in the ravine -- Col. G. ki_______ Clay well & stepped over his body after he was wounded -- met by 5 or 6000 lancers who had rode around and met you in front -- & then every man had everything to do to save his own life -- He was within 10 feet of H. when he fell -- shot a lancer with his revolver after he fell -- saw him when he fell -- received a shot through his neck -- tried to use his sword, then twenty or more trying to get them lances & by knocking lances that charge saved the day --
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