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IDENTIFIED INDIAN CHIEF DAGUERREOTYPE - I can just about guarantee that this opportunity will never come again! This is a 1/6 plate (approx. 2-3/4" x 3-1/2") c-1840-1850 daguerreotype of Chief David Wawanosh of the Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Chippewas (opposite Port Huron, Michigan across the St. Clair River). Included is 3/4 of his burial notice. He was the son of Chief Joshua Wawanosh and brother to William Wawanosh (who succeeded David as Chief). There are photos from the 1860's of Chief David on the internet and there is absolutely no question that these are the same person - only with about 20 years more on him. He graduated from the 1845 class at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. This college began in 1835 as an instituion that taught Native Americans and settlers. My guess is that the dag was taken after graduating from Albion and before succeeding his father as Chief. I visited the Chippewa Burial Grounds in Sarnia to look for his grave and unfortunately the grounds are in a state of disrepair - stones broken, knocked over, half buried and so weathered some were very tough to read. Did find one marker that was broken with the name in an arch. There was a visible 'CHI' then the break, and the end of the name 'OSH' but not sure if this was his. Found other Wawanosh markers strewn through the old part of the cemetery.
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CDV - MAJOR GENERAL STEPHEN A. HURLBUT - E. & H.T. Anthony image of Hurlbut. Image has several toning spots and has several minor 'waves' in mount which can be pressed out otherwise a clean carte. He commanded the 4th Division of the Army of Tennessee at the battles of Shiloh and Corinth and later commanded the Department of the Gulf. He was the first commander of the G.A.R.
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CDV - POSSIBLE 6TH WISCONSIN - IRON BRIGADE - Looking on the hat with a glass (may be a bit of wishful thinking) but sure looks like the numeral '6' to me. Perhaps the 6th Wisconsin of the Iron Brigade? Image is actually an albumen taken from a tintype as was a common practice for duplicating a tintype. The matting impression can be seen in the image. Proof of the 6th would make the value of this triple! Good research project.
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CDV - GENERAL WINFIELD SCOTT - Civil War period image of Winfield Scott. At the beginning of the War he was supreme commander of the Union forces. He had fought in the War of 1812 and Mexican War. Contrast is light.
$ 44.
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CDV - 14TH BROOKLYN (86th NEW YORK INFANTRY) - Id'd from the Civil War Data Base as William H. DeBevoise who enlisted on 4/18/61 and was discharged for disability on 5/11/63. He was promoted to Major and Colonel. He is holding his kepi that has the '14' on the front and is wearing the 14th's distinctive vest and jacket. The photographer is W.E. James in Brooklyn, NY.
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CDV - SOLDIER WITH FLAG BACKDROP - Interesting image of a soldier wearing frock coat with a draped flag. The flag has a great circle star pattern not often seen in photos. Photographer is W. H. Weaver of Baltimore. Image has several light stained areas, a scuff on soldier's left shoulder and rounded corners.
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CDV - VIEW OF A CITY, MOST LIKELY HAMILTON, ONTARIO - Being slightly familiar with the Toronto area am guessing that this was taken from the Niagara escarpment down on the city of Hamilton. J. Hollingworth, Toronto Photographer. Came in an album of Montreal & Toronto images. Light soiling.
$ 85.
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CDV - BUSINESS BLOCK OF BUILDINGS MOST PROBABLY - HAMILTON, ONTARIO - 1860'S view, with a loop can read all the businesses houses in these buildings. J. Hollingworth, Toronto Photographer. Came in an album of Montreal & Toronto images. Very good condition.
$ 78.
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CDV - 1860'S IMAGE OF THE CATHEDRAL OF NOTRE DAME - Beautiful shot of one of the most famous cathedrals in the world in Paris, France. No photographers backmark. Only very light soiling. Horse and carraige in front of the entrance.
$ 88.
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CDV - GENERAL JOHN A. DIX WITH AUTOGRAPH - This appears to be a Prang CDV (low grade period engraving) trimmed at the top but has an authentic Dix authograph pasted across the bottom. General Dix was born in 1798 and at the age of 14 fought in the 1812 Battle of Lundy's Lane. He coined the phrase "If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot". This would later be found on Civil War tokens. He was made Maj. General of Volunteers of which his most significant contribution during the War was suppressing the NY Draft Riots in 1863.
$ 73.
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CDV - CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE BUILDING - HAMILTON, ONTARIO - The name can be seen just over the doorway (with a loop). This building was on James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario - just about 20 or so miles from Toronto along Lake Ontario. There is no Photographers mark but came in an album of Montreal & Toronto images.
$ 95.
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CDV - MONTREAL ICE FLOW - 1867 - Ice flow on the St. Lawrence River at Montreal in 1867. Scene shows a crowd of men (and a dog) out on one of the flow ice mounds. Photographer is Notman of Montreal 'Photographer to the Queen'.
$ 110.
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CDV - 3rd MICHIGAN CAVALRY - Image of James Reznor - Veteran from Jackson.. He enlisted in Co. E of the 3rd Michigan Cavalry as Corporal on Aug. 30, 1861 at Jackson for 3 years - age 28. Mustered on Oct. 3, 1861 Re-enlisted January 19, 1864 at La Grange, Tenn., mustered on Jan. 27, 1864. He was listed as sick  on July 8, 1865 and has no further record shown. Period ink signature, a bit light, very good condition but has two clipped corners. The 3rd Cav saw action at; Island No. 10, New Madrid, Mo., Booneville, Corinth, Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign, Fort Blakely, Spanish Fort and elsewhere.
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ALBUMEN OF PINE RIDGE - BLOODY POCKET - DREXEL MISSION - WOUNDED KNEE - (5-1/4" X 8-1/2") mount - photo of two Lacota Sioux sitting in the Bloody Pocket Pass. Photo has period ink ID on bottom "Enterense (sic) to upper end of "Bloody Pocket" Pine Ridge Reseveation (sic) S.D. 1891". On reverse in period ink is "View No. 7" and very lightly in pencil "upper entrance to / Bloody Pocket". This site was the continuation of the Wounded Knee Campaign ending in the year 1891. Fantastic image of an extremely important Indian War battle - actually this battle of Bloody Pocket, a.k.a. The Drexel Mission Fight was considered the last battle of the Indian Wars. Image has some light soiling and smudges and a few areas where a liquid had contacted the surface. All of which I would consider minor.
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PAIR OF CDV's - 44th AND 140th NEW YORK INFANTRY - Two period ink inscribed images of Lt. Charles Prudhomme. He served in the 44th NYI and later the 140th NYI during the Battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H., Petersburg and more. Both cartes ID'd in period ink and both have renants of being glued onto newspaper and an envelope. Both also in civilian attire. Both for one price.
$ 185.
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ALBUMEN AND CLIPPED SIGNATURE OF GENERAL HUGH JUSTIN KILPATRICK - (4 1/8" X 6 1/2") Trimmed mount with large Civil War period albumen (from life) - clear as can be of the General. His signature is a post-war clip (approx. 1 1/2" x 3") in period ink. In an 1861 skirmish at Big Bethel he became the first regular officer wounded in battle. He became Lt. Colonel then Colonel of the 2ny NY Cav. then Brig. General of Volunteers in June, 1863. Commanded a Division of Cavalry in the Army of the Potomac and took part in the battles of Beverly Ford, Stoneman's Raid and Gettysburg. Grant sent him to command a Division in Sherman's Army and he was wounded at Recasa, Ga.
$ 475.
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CDV - CIVIL WAR PERIOD U.S. MARINE - Contrast is light on this but does anyone really need to know how rare these are in any condition? Seated shot in uniform with epaulettes and his kepi sitting on the table next to him with a hunting horn and the 'M' in the center. Tax stamp on reverse will date this from 1864 - 67. Very light soiling and as mentioned above light contrast.
$ 395.
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CDV - ID'd NAVAL MIDSHIPMAN - Newport, Rhode Island photograph of Edward W. Sturdy and signed in period ink on the reverse with the probable jhome place of Augusta, Me. Sturdy was a Midshipman on February 25, 1863, graduated in June, 1867, became an Ensign on December 18, 1868, Master on March 21, 1870 and Lieutenant on July 26, 1871. Card is in good condition.
$ 38.
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CDV - ID'd NAVAL ACTING MIDSHIPMAN - Newport, Rhode Island photograph of Alfred H. Whitalls and signed in period ink on the reverse with the date Apr. 25, '65. Whitalls was an Acting Midshipman in 1863 and resigned on September 22, 1866. Card has a light contrast making the collar insignia a bit tough to see.
$ 42.
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CABINET PHOTO - HENRY LOSS - 6TH MICHIGAN INFANTRY - Post War photograph ID'd on reverse in old pencil as Henry Loss. This gentleman is wearing a small GAR pin like the regular membership badge and was taken by F.B. Hickok in Wayne, Michigan. Henry Loss enlisted in the 6th Michigan Infantry, Company F as a musician on Aug. 7, 1861. He was discharged for disability at Baton Rouge, La on July 6, 1864. He lived in Wayne, Mi after the War. Card shows some light soiling.
$ 48.
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CABINET PHOTO - GEN. BENJAMIN HARRISON - Post War photo showing Harrison in civilian attire, no doubt this pose was used as a Presidential campaign tool for the 1888 Presidential election. Card is in very good condition.
$ 55.
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CDV - 99TH ILLINOIS INFANTRY - Image of Chaplain William M. Evans - , 99th Ill. Inf. Period ink ID on reverse and photographers backmark of Harvey's Photographic Gallery - New Orleans. Evans was mustered in on 9/14/63 as Chaplain and on 6/16/64 was commissioned into the staff & Field of the 99th. No date is given on his discharge or residence. Carte is in good condition but has trimmed corners and some light soiling. Chaplain images are tough to get!
$ 110.
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CDV - 99TH ILLINOIS INFANTRY - Capt. Isaac Hodgen (identified from another ID'd image). Hodgen enlisted in August, 1862 as 1st Lieut. and QM, promoted to Captain on June 15, 1863. He was from Pittsfield, Ill. Photographers backmark of Washburn - New Orleans. Has a '99' and Infantry bugle visible on kepi. Carte is in very good condition.
$ 105.
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