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GEORGIA STATE SEAL - GA2 - B/M W.G. Mintzer Phila 1861 (RMDC). Desirable 1861 dated Confederate States button with the Mintzer silvered back. Button shows only the slightest of wear.
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U.S. NAVY - GOODYEAR - 1851 - 34.7mm NA-137  Large Navy rubber button with the markings on reverse "Novelty Rubber Co. / New York / Goodyear's Patent / 1851". Some slight nicks - mainly to reverse and some wear also mainly on reverse. These are increasingly more dificult to find on the market.
$ 90.
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U.S. CAVALRY OFFICER - THOMAS DALE - 23mm Don't often see this maker. Thomas N. Dale & Co. - New York - almost a bronze color patina showing small signs of original gilt. Shank is solid.
$ 78.
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MARYLAND STATE SEAL MD11 - 22mm   B/M - SCOVILL MFG. CO. WATERBURY,   Good used button with light but visible wear and just a touch of gilt left. Slight push at bottom of shield, shank is intact. No doubt saw use. Very good condition.
$ 395.
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EARLY MASSACHUSETTS 1 PIECE MS19A - 25mm  B/M - "EXTRA QUALITY - LONDON" RMDC. Possibility that the shank has been re-soldered but hard to tell, if so an excellent job. Wear to the high relief areas. Very good condition.
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$ 110.
CONFEDERATE INFANTRY - CS 172 - Dug Confederate Lined Block 'I'. Shank and back intact but complete button is as 'flat as a pancake' Recovery in Virginia.
$ 45.
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CONFEDERATE ARMY OFFICER - CS1A - 26mm  B/M - Blank - English manufacturer. Eagle with drooped wings and a shield on breast with the letters 'CSA'. Eleven six pointed stars around eagle. Some wear on high relief areas and gilt wearing off edges. Overall very nice.
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VIRGINIA STATE SEAL - VA15B - 21mm B/M "Horstmann & Allien . NY. (with rays)". Nice non-dug example of a pre-War Virginia state seal. Definately saw service as it has some minor wear on high relief areas. Had been cleaned a while back. Very good condition.
$ 245.
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NEW YORK MILITIA - 1 PIECE - NY12 - 16mm  B/M - "EXTRA RICH QUALITY". Made of white metal. Some wear on rim otherwise very minor wear. Very good condition
$ 64.
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U.S. ARTILLERY - 16mm - B/M - "Scovill Co. - Waterbury" - Light wear, good shank. Good Civil War B/M. Very Good Condition.
$ 32.
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CONFEDERATE - ARMY GENERAL SERVICE - CS81A - 24mm  B/M - S. Buckley & Co.  Birmingham. CSA letters are 7mm in height and there are 3 lines in the triangular serrifs of the 'S'. Minor wear shows on high relief areas. Has a mellow color patina.
$ 725.
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CONFEDERATE BLOCK 'I' - CAST - Dug - No B/M - 22mm - Excellent example of a 1 piece cast Confederate Infantry button. Recovery location is unknown. Some ground action, shank intact (rarely are these found without a shank - they are extremely sturdy).
$ 245.
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NEW YORK STATE ARTILLERY NATIONAL GUARD - B/M - Scovill - Extra - RMDC - 16mm - Pre-War - this button saw much use, well worn. Has bent shank, small amount of gilt left.  Good Condition.
$ 40.
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VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE - B/M  D. Evans & Co. - Attleboro - 20mm - High relief areas show some minor wear, some staining as can be seen in photos. Shank is strong. Good Condition.
$ 100.
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DETROIT LIGHT GUARD - MG7A - 23mm B/M "Horstmann & Allien . NY." RMDC  The Detroit Light Guard was best known for it's involvement in the Foiled plot from the Canadian border to hijack the Steamer Michigan and sail down to free the Johnson Island Prisoners. Button has slightly bent shank, minor wear to the high relief areas and some light pitting to the gilt in the horizontal lined areas. Overall in good condition.
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$ 190.
CONFEDERATE CAVALRY - CS126A - 24mm  B/M   HT & B   Manchester.  Stippled Roman 'C' on plain field with border. Even light patina with little to no wear.
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$ 600.
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